When you schedule a roof inspection, you’re taking the first step in protecting the roof. 


While we are usually glad and happy to welcome the rain water, with the rain, cn comes roof leaks.  Unoticed roof leaks are still roof damage till they become large enough to really see the devastation of the water damage.  Payne Roofing is more than happy to talk to you about doing a roof inspection for your home or business after a storm, or even before a storm.Your roof defends your family against the outside elements. When there is hot sun, cold rain, intense winds, and hail, your roof keeps you safe through it all. It’s crucial to get a professional roof inspection done by a certified contractor after a storm. Storms, age, wear, work done on rook like solar panels or skylights have the potential to weaken your roof’s defense system against the elemts.

A roof inspection can catch small things like broken or slipped tiles, areas not sealed properly and more.  

When was the last time you had a roof inspection done?

Most homeowners have either never had their roof inspected or have only had it done once or twice. Roof inspections after a storm give you the opportunity to repair any damage that may have occurred due to hail damageintense winds blowing roof shingles off your roof and also strong winds can also cause heavy tree limbs and other debree to fall onto the roof causing damage. Rain and storms can cause the shingles to wear down and lose its durability. The Phoenix area experiences monsoon storms and consistent storms during the monsoon season; regular inspections are important to ensure the roof didn’t nget compromised with hidden damage.

Waiting until catastrophic damage occurs to repair your roof, is usually more expensive than having roof preventative maintenance inspections done, catching and repairing minor repairs before another storm raelly takes it’s toll on your roof.

Schedule a roof inspection annually; this can save you money in the long run. Get quick appointment and technical support:  480-988-9250